Ford Freestar Engine

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Ford Freestar is a seven-passenger minivan manufactured from 2004 until 2007. It was made to replace Ford Windstar which was in the market from 1995-2003. It has two different gasoline powered V6 engines. The smaller is 3.9 Liter gasoline engine and produces193 Horse Power at 4,500 rpm and 240 pound-feet of torque at 3750 rpm. The larger is 4.2 Liter gasoline engine and develops 201 Horse Power at 4,250 rpm and 263 pound-feet of torque at 3650 rpm.



The V6 engine used for Freestar is Ford Essex V6 motor, which uses a 90° V configuration. It is an overhead valve (OHV) design which uses 2 valves per cylinder and 12 valves in total. The cylinder has iron blocks and aluminum heads. The 3.9 L engine was appeared in 2004. It replaces the 3.8L V6 engine which was used in minivans and some pickup trucks. It used 3.810 in bore diameter and 3.464 in stroke. The engine is also used in Ford Mustang, manufactured in 2004. It is also similar to the second generation Dodge Mini Van and Chrysler Caravan manufactured from 1997-2003.  One of the biggest import competitors is the Toyota Previa.

The 4.2L engine was made in 1997 as a replacement of the Ford 300 straight six motor. It used 3.810 in bore diameter, which is the same as the 3.9L, but 3.74 in stroke. Ford also used the engine for Ford F-150 manufactured from 1997–2008, Ford E-150 manufactured from 1997–2005 and Ford E-250 manufactured from 1997–2005 and the Freestars twin Mercury Monterey manufactured from 2004-2007. The Ford Essex engine was last manufactured in 2007 and succeeded by Ford Duratec 35. because they are so popular, finding a good used Freestar engine for sale is very easy.

The Freestar was criticized for frequent brakes large transmission. In addition, its interior design was only skin deep. As a result, sales of the Freestar became very low and it was early retired in 2007.