Ford LTD II Engine

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This Ford LTD II car was the last car built in North America and Australia by the company called Ford Motor Company between 1977 and 1979. Ford LTD II was assembled in the basis of Lorain, Ohio, Atlanta and Georgia on Ford Torino and Ford Elite.  Ford LTD II was built with FR Layout.

It was the very first time when a Ford car was loaded with V8 Engine. It had motor choices, Windsor V8 for 302 CID, 351M V8 for 351 CID, Windsor V8 for 351 CID and Cleveland V8 for 400 CID with Transmissions of 3-speed C4 automatic, 3-speed Ford FMX Automatic C6 and Automatic. Ford LTD II had a catalytic converter in the exhaust arrangement to prevent environmental pollution through air contamination. In 1975 the 460 CID V8 engine replaced all other engines. These engines were having very good power but not a kind of performer in city traffic. Fortunately some of these used engines for sale are still available in some of the stores today. You will be amazed to know that today also the engines are in best of the shape.

As the time passed the size of the engine also reduced with enhancement in the fuel economy, road manners and ride quality. In the year 1982 in a bid to increase the fuel economy Ford introduced new version of Windsor V8 engines with 4.2 liter. It was giving the output of 115 hp and it was not right choice of power for the weight of Ford LTD II. Due to this fact this engine was not so popular among the populace.  In the journey of 40 years Windsor engine had evolved greatly and the engine displacement also increased to 351 cu from 221 cu. As the engines were varied even their components were also changed to enhance their capacity and deliverance.

Motors belonging to Windsor family were modified and used again on different cars of the family li Windsor 221 was used in Ford Fairlane and Mercury Meteor. The improved version Windsor 260 was used in Ford Falcon, Ford Mustang and Mercury Comet, the exhaust system of the same engine was improved and used in all AC Cobra sports cars. In 1968 Windsor 302 engine was used in Shelby GT350 and later on the engine was modified to be used in Lincoln Continental. These were some of the cars that used the similar family engines that were used by Ford LTD II.