Ford Falcon Engine

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The first generation of Ford Falcon began in the year 1960 and ended in 1963. According to the American standards in 1960s, it was not a big car and was equipped with a lightweight 90 hp (sixty-seven kW) engine and 144 CU (2.4 Liter) 6 carburetors. This engine made its debut with the Ford Falcon 1960 and was known for its low price and good mileage.



The same engine was equipped in Ford Ranchero and the Ford E-series. Ford Falcon gave tough competition to the other major car manufacturers of that time namely Chevrolet and Chrysler. Ford Falcon used the straight six car engine while the Chevrolet Corvair was equipped with the flat six rear engine.  Ford Falcon’s formal appearance and a simple 6 cylinder engine gave it a pure and elegant look, which was notably missing from the Chrysler Valiant and the Chevrolet Corvair.

The next Ford Falcon models were out in the year 1961 and were fitted with an optional 170 CU (2.8 Liter) 6. The Econline van and the Ford Bronco also used the same engine but a heavier version with mechanical filters. The next model of the first generation Ford Falcon was launched in year 1962 and then the model introduced in the year 1963 used 164 hp 260 CU (4.3 Liter) v8 engine. This engine was introduced in the mid of the 1963 model year.

The second generation was from 1964 till 1965 and Ford Falcon received entirely different modern looks. The new models introduced in the years 1964 and 1965 were manufactured according to the taste of the young generation of that time. In 1965, 289 cu v8 engines replaced the challenger and Sprint versions of the earlier 260 v8.

The third generation of Ford Falcon began in 1966 until 1970. Ford Falcon got a long hood plus a heater and defroster during this period. The 250-2V engine was soon dropped while the ‘full-house’ GT-HO engine was no longer required because of production changes in racing regulations.