Ford F-250SD Engine

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Ford F-250SD engine makes for a very smooth ride and a great step up from the F-150. The Ford F250 is available in three body styles (regular cab, extended cab, crew cab) and five trim levels (base XL, midlevel XLT, luxurious Lariat, horse-saddle-inspired King Ranch and ultra-plush Platinum). There is a choice of two powerful engines — a 6.2-liter gasoline V8 (385 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque) and an optional 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 cranking out 400 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Rear-wheel drive is standard and four-wheel drive is optional.



The first generation F250 was manufactured from 1997-2007. It uses different engines. However, the standard engine is the 2-valve 5.4 Liter V8 engine with 255 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. The engine is a type of Ford’s modular engine which was also applied for Ford F-series made from 1997-2004. Optionally, the 2-valve 6.8 Liter V10 engine with 310 horsepower and 425 lb-ft of torque is used. This engine is also used for Ford F-650 which was manufactured in 2012.  Companies buy used F-250SD engines for work trucks because they are so widely used.

The second generation of F250sd was manufactured from 2008-2010. The 3-valve 5.4Liter V8 engine is the standard engine while the 3-valve 6.8Liter V10 engine is an option. It also has a diesel engine option, which is 4-valve 6.4 L V8 Power Stroke engine. Mechanics and car makers can easily get leads for resold Ford F250 and other engines from platforms like

The third generation is manufactured from 2011 to present. It is available in gasoline or diesel engines. The gasoline engine is a 2-valve 6.2 Liter SOHC V8 engine, with 385 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. It is the first Boss engine that Ford has made. It is similar to the Vortec engine of General Motors applied in Chevrolet Tahoe, manufactured in 2009 and Cadillac Escalade, manufactured from 2007 to present.  It is also similar to the Chrysler Hemi engine used in Jeep Commander, manufactured from 2006-2010 and Chrysler Aspen, manufactured from 2007-2009.  The diesel engine is 6.7 Liter Power Stroke V8 engines, which produces 400 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque. It was the first medium duty diesel engine manufactured by the Ford Company. It is an engine similar to General Motors engine used in Sierra 3500HD and Chevrolet Silverado manufactured in 2011.

Over generations, Ford has made important changes for the F250. It has showed advances in style and frames. It also has introduced better interiors. A new diesel engine was manufactured by the company during the last generation marking a progress in the turbo diesel engine industry.