Ford F-250 Engine

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Ford F-250 engine is in the family of the Ford F-series and are among the most used and sold pickup trucks in the USA. Ford F-series trucks are in market beginning from the year 1948 till present. In 1999, Ford F-250 was succeeded by F-250 Super duty pickup track. The Super Duty track is still being manufactured up to present time. Its sales make the Ford Company the most preferable manufacturer with regard to pickup trucks.

It was manufactured from 1953-1998. It has replaced the first generation Ford F-2 truck. It mainly uses two different engines. Ford used 223 Mileage Maker Six CID (Cubic Inch Displacement) I6 engine, as a standard engine for F250 trucks manufactured from 1953-1964, while it used 300 CID (4.9 Liter) Straight-6 engine, as standard engine for those manufactured from 1965-1997.

The 223 Mileage Maker Six CID I6 is the family of second generation Ford Straight-6 or inline six motor. It has 3.625 in bore diameter and 3.6 in stroke. It produces 115-200 horse power. It is an internal combustion engine. Ford used this engine in all second to early fifth generation F-series trucks as standard engine.

The 300 CID (4.9Liter) engine is the family of fourth generation Ford Straight 6 engine. It has 4in bore and 3.96in stroke. It produces 170 horse power and 240 lb-ft of torque at 2000 rpm. Ford used this engine in all F-series trucks manufactured from late fifth generation to ninth generation. It was succeeded by Essex V6 which becomes the standard engine for Ford F-series manufactured beginning from 1996. The motor is known for its durability and ease of service. It uses Ford’s C6, E4OD, ZF S5-42 and S5-47 transmissions. It is the same engine as the Stewart and Stevenson’s MA Baggage Tow Tractor. It is also used Harlan’s tow tractors and power generators.  In addition, it is used by many UPS trucks till present. Both the standard used engines for F-250 are available for sale in different stores for mechanics and car makers.