Buick Transmissions

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There is never a good time to have a failing transmission in your Buick, and chances are that it will happen at a bad time. Blown transmissions happen anytime, anywhere and sometimes with little warning. Some things to watch for are difficulty when shifting gears, and in the case of manual transmissions, if it slips into neutral seemingly on its own. If you experience any kind of trembling, shuddering or strange vibrations when driving or attempting to start the car or shift gears, these are also good signs of potential transmission problems Transmissions should ideally be checked every 12,000 to 15,000 miles to try to head off trouble before it starts. Sometimes even when diligence has been used in the care of a Buick, a blown transmission still happens.



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Many of the transmissions featured also have warranties available for a small additional charge, which may be worth purchasing for extra peace of mind that you’re covered if any problems arise. Why waste time on the phone calling around trying to find a quality replacement transmission, or the time spent driving from one recycle place to another when an easy solution is literally at your fingertips. Simply fill out our easy, quick online form and receive your quotes today. Once you fill out the form, simply wait as our vendors check their inventory and quickly get back to you with their best quote on a used Buick transmission. Sooner than you could ever imagine you can be back on the road again, with as little expense and interruption to your life as possible.