Geo Transmissions

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Those still driving a Geo are getting the last laugh. With gas prices as high as they are today, any model Geo is a good way to go. The main drawback to owning a Geo is that both new and used parts are getting hard to find. At we have what you need to keep your Geo running.



At we have used engines and transmissions for sale. Many have been pulled from autos that have been wrecked and written off as totaled due to the body damage they sustain. Many of these vehicles have perfectly good drive trains. This is great news for those needing used Geo transmissions. Having been discontinued, these parts are getting increasingly hard to find.

Just the fact that they are quickly diminishing tempts many to try to do a rebuild. Though this option is good in some instances, the cost is often prohibitive. Transmission repair can often get as high as a couple of thousand dollars. Replacement Geo transmissions save you a lot of money and get you up and running quicker.

At we find Geo transmissions for sale, we then e-mail or text the quote. Often there will be several to choose from. With a couple of clicks you can search, find the transmission you need, purchase it and have it delivered.

Going to the local scrap-yard for a Geo transmission is getting to be a thing of the past. Even junkyards are taking advantage of our service. Though they have had a network for finding parts online for years there are distinct advantages to our services. Our prices are the same for everyone whether you call us or you have your mechanic call. We specialize in engines and transmissions only. This makes able to carry a greater selection of hard to find parts.

Fill out our quick little questionnaire and we will get back to you promptly. Geo owners know that if they are going to stay with their unique brand of gas saving vehicle, they are going to need a couple of aces they can pull out in an emergency. We can find what you need at