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Have you been looking for used Nissan or Datsun transmissions? You have come to the right place because one ASAP Motors specialties is used Nissan Datsun transmissions. We are the very good online source for used JDM or USDM used Nissan engines and used Nissan transmissions. We offer a wide variety of used Nissan transmissions for you to select from. We sell a large variety of used UDSM and JDM Nissan engines and used Nissan transmissions for many different Nissan models.



Your current used transmission may very well need to be replaced. Almost every motor has unique engine characteristics that require a specific transmission. The ASAP Motors staff is very knowledgeable on the majority of used transmissions and are available to help determine the best course of action for you. Our large selection means that ASAP Motors has the right used Nissan motor or used Nissan transmission for your vehicle. If we do not have a listing for the Nissan transmission that you are looking for on our Nissan transmission page, please feel free to give us a call to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable support staff, who are always eager to answer questions about our used Nissan transmissions.

ASAP Motors strives to provide you with product quality, service, and competitive prices when it comes to the sale of used Nissan transmissions. ASAP Motors would also like to set the record straight on a “Low Mileage motor,” which refers to used JDM Nissan motors. Regardless of what you were told in the past, there is no set maximum mileage on JDM Nissan motors. The idea that all used JDM Nissan engines have to be retired after 40,000 miles is only a myth. Most of our USDM or JDM Nissan motors and Nissan transmissions are covered by a standard 90-day warranty. However, some of our USDM and JDM Nissan engines carry an extended warranty of 6 months. Our Nissan motors are sold as long block assemblies, and we recommend that you always use the manifolds from the vehicle into which you are installing one of our used JDM Nissan motors. If you were to purchase a rebuilt Nissan engine, the parts would still have to be changed.

If you are exploring the option of a buying a used Nissan transmission or motor, ASAP Motors is very pleased to help you determine if it’s the right decision for you and your used vehicle. With a good used transmission inventory, it is likely we have a cost-effective used Nissan transmission solution for you. If you have any questions concerning the used JDM or USDM Nissan motors we offer or if you cannot find the JDM or USDM Nissan engine or used Nissan transmission that you are looking for please call us. You can also use our convenient “Ask the Motor Dog!” e-mail service to receive a quick and easy e-mail price quote on all Nissan Engines. Our used motors are leak down tested and inspected inside and out. We also make sure that our transmissions are inspected and cleaned. The majority of our used Nissan transmissions have an extended warranty available for purchase.


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