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Dodge Transmissions

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When an old Dodge transmission goes out, people tend to go into despair. The same feeling can come when looking for used Dodge engines for sale. Transmission repairs have always been very pricey and the last thing on anyone’s mind is paying a couple of thousand or more at a transmission shop. Dodge has traditionally been repair friendly so the options on fixing it with a replacement Dodge transmission goes way up. At we have used Dodge transmissions that are often tested, cleaned and packed for shipping. The ease of the internet has come to the rescue. Everyone likes to save money and when a free site comes along to help find a used Dodge transmission for sale, it is worth taking a look.


By simply filling out our small questionnaire and providing information about your car we can promptly get a quote sent to you. Our helpful drop-down menus helps make sure that we have the accurate information. With that, we search our database of used parts. Dealers are competing online to sell you the used Dodge transmission you need. And of course, competition means lower prices.

If you’re considering going to a junk yard and looking around at hundreds of junked vehicles hoping to find the one that has compatible Dodge engines for sale, think about the time invested. Even if you call, it could take hours. When you finally find replacement dodge transmissions, whether you pull them, or one of the yard workers do, you're still out the time it takes to get the transmission and get it to where the car is. A knuckle busting Saturday or wait for their schedule, either way is going to take more time and effort.

Dodge big block transmissions, especially for trucks are known for being pretty heavy duty. Don’t throw them around anymore than you have to. With a couple of clicks you can see the transmissions, compare prices and condition, purchase and have it delivered. All you need to do is put it in. This is a very good option if you are putting it in for a customer. The longer they are out their car the more chance they have at becoming irate. provides a unique service that even other used parts dealers are taking advantage of.

Because we specialize in engines and transmissions, we will always have Dodge transmissions for sale at