Lincoln Transmissions

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Looking for used Lincoln transmissions the usual way can be very time consuming and expensive. You have to make plenty of calls to your local salvage yard, giving the information on what make and model of the car you need the transmission for. You’ll have to repeat this information to every place you call. You will probably be put on hold as that person gets the right person you need to talk to. This process will happen many times as you search for what you need. You may call private individuals — and when you get there you find it was not what you wanted.



If you are looking for Lincoln transmissions for sale – the absolutely best way to find exactly what you need is right here. This is a free service.

There are 3 easy steps:

• Step 1 – select your vehicle make and model
• Step 2 – Complete the form – this will submit your engine or transmission request to competing sellers
• Step 3 – Receive offers – sit back, relax and receive bids via email, phone or text message

I know this sounds amazingly simple — but that’s all there is to the process. All 3 steps take less than 15 seconds to complete — and what you have done in less than 15 seconds is send this request to a Nationwide Network of Suppliers – these are Automotive Recycling Facilities — located throughout The United States. This is a powerful thing you have just done. You will have all these suppliers battling for your business. The price quotes you’ll receive will be nothing like you would get if you tried doing this on your own. It’s amazing what how competitive these companies are. The prices will floor you.

Once again, this service is free – and there is no obligation at all. You will be able to compare the many offers you get without getting on the phone. You’ll never again have to travel from recycler to recycler in the desperate hope that you will find the Lincoln engine or transmission you are looking for.

So, if you are looking for replacement Lincoln transmissions – do the 15 seconds 3 step plan and have the offers flooding in. It’s your choice whether you want to receive the offers via email, phone or text message.