Acura CSX Engine

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The Acura CSX was made for both the Japanese and Canadian markets where it was known as the Acura CSX or the Honda Civic. The Acura variant of the same was made exclusively for the Canadian market. The CSX saw the Honda Civic built out of it exclusively for the Japanese market. The CSX shares a 2.0 liter motor that belongs to the i-VTEC family which gives 155 hp with the Honda Civic. The used Acura engines for sale can be found on the internet on various websites. The CSX went into the market in late 2005 and was branded a 2006 model. It had automatic transmission and many other modifications to the interior that were geared towards making the diver and the passengers as comfortable as possible. The car, because of all the interior additions, weighed 62 to 88 kg more than the Civic EX sedan.



The type S model came out in 2007 and used the same drive train that is used in the Honda Civic SI. It is powered by a 2.0 liter l4 engine that has the capability to give 197 hp. This motor is also in the i-VTEC family and uses a 6 speed manual transmission. This model utilizes Honda’s traction control and brake assist.

The Acura CSX also had mid model and trim models that came out in 2007. These had the audio systems improved while their 2008 counterparts had modifications that were geared towards ensuring safe driving like automatic tire pressure control monitoring.  The CSX followed the same path that the Civic followed in that in 2009, the model received a mid model change. Most of the changes were external with the engine remaining relatively untouched. These used Acura motors can be purchased easily in various auto shops as they are readily found. In the final model year, 2011, the car came in only two trim models which were the iTech and base models.  The model was discontinued in 2011. This means that the Acura entered into Hondas history books as one of the models that saw only one generation made. There are only five other car models that could boast of this achievement.