Acura EL Engine

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The Acura EL car was the Honda domani that was rebranded for the Canadian market. Acura has always used Honda engines because Acura is owned by Honda. It was an entry-level compact luxury car. This car saw only two generations built from 1997 through 2001. This car was one of the most advanced cars in the Honda stable. This is because the Acura was the rebadged Honda domani that was made for the Japan market. The domani itself was an altered Honda Civic. So in a way, the Acura used engines can be used in all of the three models. The used Acura engines for sale are available online on various websites.  The first time that the car went into the market, it was introduced as a four-door car in Canada. This car had a 1.6 liter engine which has peak power of 127 hp. This high power was due to the use of the VTEC valve timing that was made by Honda. All the sport models that were made for this model had air conditioning and standard cd players.



Premium models of this car had a lot of comfort extras such as spoilers, a sunroof, alloy wheels and leather seats. It is worth noting that all sports model of this car had a standard air conditioning system and CD changers. The base model that was made in 1999 to 2000 had all the standard features of the EL. It however had air conditioning and CD changers as additions. .

The second generation was a completely redesigned model and came into the market in 2001. It borrowed a lot from the seventh generation Civic. The main difference was that this model shipped with a more powerful motor that was of the VTEC family. The engine had a 1.7 liter capacity, had four cylinders and gave 127 hp. It was available in the premium and touring trimmings. The premium trimming came with leather seats, front seats that were heated and a sunroof. This premium trim also saw the inclusion of automatic climate control in 2003 while the touring trim saw the same a year later. Used Acura engines from both of these generations are available in various car engine shops and websites on the internet. The Acura EL never caught up in sales volume with the Toyota Celica or Nissan Sentra.