Acura NSX Engine

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This car sold as the Acura NSX in North America and as the Honda NSX elsewhere. It is a sports car that was produced between 1990 and 2005. This car came in a mid engine layout, was rear wheel driven and was powered by v6 motor that is made out of pure aluminum. It also has the signature Honda VTEC technology.  The first generation came into the market in 1984 and was powered by a C20A 2.0 liter motor with six valves.  The first car in this generation was the NS-X prototype that Honda hoped would surpass the performance of the Ferrari cars that were in the market then. To be able to do this, the original 2.0 liter six valve motor had to be replaced with a more performance driven motor. This came in as a 3.0 liter VTEC six valve engine.  The NS-X was the first car to feature a motor made wholly out of aluminum.  This, combined with and aluminum alloy frame and aluminum suspensions, ensured that the car was able to shave off 200 kg. The cars name was changed to NSX and then went into the Japanese market. This car built by Acura used Honda engine production for the entire time.



The car that was sold on the Japanese market was a very stable model with strong chassis rigidity and massive cornering and handling capabilities.  After the first tests, the car was reported to be powered by a 3.0 liter 200 kw engine that went from 0 to 60 mph in 5.03 S. After 1997, there were 3.2 liter engines that were made for the north America market. All of these used NSX engines for sale can be purchased on the internet and on various shops and garages throughout the world. From here onwards, most of the cars that were made in this stable were racing cars. These included the NSX-r that was made exclusively for on-track performance.  Another one was the NSX-T was made as a special order for the Japan market.  1997 would see some of the major changes that were geared towards the enhancement of performance. This saw the capacity of the engine increase to 3.2 liters, the power increase from 270 hp to 290 hp and the torque increase significantly.