Acura RL Engine

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The Acura RL main luxury Acura model made by Honda for the North America market for years and used Honda engines instead of its own line. The same car was marketed in Japan as the Honda Legend although there are some differences between the two models. The first generation of this car was the rebadged third generation of the Legend. It was introduced in the North America market to replace the second generation Acura Legend.



The first generation of this car entered the market in 1996 and exited after eight years.  This specific model was known as the Acura 3.5 RL. This car had its engine mounted in such a way that it was in-line with the axis of the car. This is unlike the transverse way that engines are mounted in other front wheel drive cars. From 1999 to 2000, the car mostly received cosmetic changes but redesign happened to the RL came when the motor  was upgraded in 2001. The new engine was capable of 225 hp and 231 lb.ft of torque. In 2004, the car received a navigation system that became standard from there onwards. The engine of this generation was the last motor not to use the VTEC technology as did the seventh generation Honda civic. The RL’s 3.5 liter, v9 engine was among the last Honda c series engines to be used in the Honda and Acura family.  They were replaced by the Honda J engines. All of these used Acura RL engines can be purchased using the free locating service at ASAP Motors.

The second generation entered the market in 2004. It did not however come in the v8 engine that it was expected to come with.  This generation came with a redesigned sixty degrees, J series 3.5 liter motor that had six valves and gave 300 hp.  This car received some very serious sporting modifications like the sport shift auto transmission and the drive by wire throttle control. From here on most of the changes were to the interior of the car and the cosmetic looks of the outside.  These included major changes to the music system, voice recognition navigation and Bluetooth technology for hands free phone use.  The third generation is poised to get into the market in 2013.