Acura RSX Engine

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The Acura RSX is a performance car that was sold in North America by this name and was known as the Honda Integra DC5 for the Japanese market.  In fact, Acura used Honda engines for the RSX from day 1. The car had a lot of models made for different regions. For North America, the car came in the Type-s model, Integra Type-S and Type-R.  The Type R sold in Japan and the rest of the Oceania was very similar to the Type-S sold in North America. Canada saw three models made for it: the premium that had sunroof, leather interior and alloy wheels, the base version that had steel wheels that had wheel covers, cloth interior and no sunroof and the type s model.  This car saw only one generation made for it. Used RSX engines for sale are available at ASAP Motors.



The K-series motor that was employed in this model was loved by most of the enthusiast because it could be tuned much more easily. The engine was very similar to the B-series that was used in the Integra and some Civic models that were made for performance. The used RSX engines can be found all over the internet on sale as can the B-series motors. The unique thing about the K-series engines is that they had intelligent VTEC. This means that they were able to adjust their valve lift, valve timing and valve duration electronically.  The base RSX had the K20A3 2.0 liter engine had an output 160 hp and came in the manual and automatic steering options. The Type S came in a 200 hp k20A2 or a 210 hp K20z1 motor. The two Type S engines had 6 speed manual Honda transmissions.

The Integra RSX that was sold in Japan had a 217 hp engine that reduced the weight of the car significantly. The Oceania versions of the car had the same engine as that which was used in the Acura RSX-s. Throughout the life of the model, it received a lot of changes to the interior but the engine remained relatively unchanged. Most of the changes took place from 2004 to 5005 with the car receiving, among others, revised handling, firmer stabilizer bars and a refined steering system. Still today, performance minded people purchase the RSX engines for the Honda Civic for street racing.