Acura Vigor Engine

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The original design for the Acura Vigor was a mid-size sedan manufactured between 1992 and 1994. Something unique to this car is the odd number 5-cylinder longitudinal mounted (front-to-back) engines rather than transverse sort of motor (front wheel drive).



It is also called as Honda Vigor. The Honda Vigor is a compact sedan sold in Japan from 1981 to 1995. It was sold in North America from 1992 to 1994 as the Acura Vigor, amid-size luxury car.

With later generations, the Vigor stayed up in the market and received a shared platform with the luxury sedan Honda Inspire. It was replaced in North America with the Acura TL and in Japan with the Honda Saber.

The first generation Vigor was produced in 1981. The first generation Vigor had a higher grade 4-door sedan and 3-door hatchback, with the 1.8 L engine as the only size available, using Honda’s CVCC-II system. The Vigor competed with the Toyota Chaser and the Nissan Laurel in Japan.

The second generation Vigor came out in 1985. The 1.8 L B18A four-cylinder engine was now offered with dual carburetors and a larger 2.0 L B20A engine was offered Honda’s PGM-FI, with the 1.8 L A18A engine as the basic offering.

The Vigor was sold in the United States and was badged as Acura Vigor in 1992. In North America, the Vigor came in two trim packages; the LS and the higher content GS, and the 2.5 L engine was the only motor available. In Japan, the smaller G20A engine used regular grade fuel, while the larger G25A motor required premium grade fuel.

Production began in 1991 and the vehicle went on sale as a 1992 model in June of that year, slotting between the Integra and the Acura Legend in North America, with the platform shared as the Honda Inspire between the Honda Concerto and the CB series Honda Accord in Japan at Honda Clio. In order to keep the Vigor classified as a “compact” according to Japanese vehicle size requirements, the Vigor sold in Japan was available in two versions; the shorter and narrower vehicle with the G20A engine, and a longer and wider version with the G25A engine that was also only sold in North America as an Acura.

The Vigor was replaced by the 1996 Acura TL. Used engines for an Acura Vigor are available online using the free search service at ASAP Motors.