Audi 200 Engines

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Needing a used Audi 200 Engines? ASAP Motors is a good reliable resource for finding an Audi engine vendor. We find Audi engines for sale at salvage yards, junkyards and vendors throughout the US. Not only do we find you a used Audi 200 engine for sale, but we also put you in direct contact with salvage yards and engine dealers to cut out the middle man and provide you the best pricing and service on your used Audi engine.

Audi manufactured the 200 series beginning in 1980, and the Audi 200 continued in production into the 90s. Our innovative concept at ASAP Motors will get you the replacement engine that you need, quickly and economically.


Perhaps you have a later model Audi 200 with the 2.2 L, 162 hp inline five. This power plant was capable of 177 lb-ft of torque. Or, maybe you have an earlier 200 with the 2.2 L 138 hp engine. Should you have the 20V high-end, 220 hp turbo version, we can help you to locate that engine as well.

Simply fill in and submit our online form, noting whether you have an automatic, a 5-speed manual, etc. Using the information which you provide, we’ll get sellers from our network that have the required engine in touch with you. In fact, you’ll often see bids appearing in your email within just minutes. With our system, our sellers literally compete for your business. Also, you are always free to find out if a better price or a longer warranty might be possible.

Contact those with engines that interest you. Ask about, condition, history, warranty, etc. Once you are fully comfortable with a certain Audi 200 engine, simply go online and check out the seller’s reviews and BBB information.

When you are ready to purchase an engine, we recommend the use of PayPal, pre-paid Visa, or credit card, because these methods afford buyers certain good protections. We suggest that checks, money orders, and Western Union be avoided.

Any of the sellers in our large network will gladly ship engines directly to dealers and auto repair shops. The engine arrives, it’s installed, and you are back on the road. It is that simple. For good success in having an engine installed, we recommend the use of ASE-Certified mechanics.

Remember, our new concept is designed to quickly link up buyers and sellers across the country. Our service is performed at no charge to you. Thank you for considering us here at ASAP Motors.