Audi A6 Engine

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If you are in need of a replacement engine for your Audi A6, we at ASAP Motors have an innovative way to assist. Our system quickly matches suppliers from our network with our buyers.

Whether you have a 1994-99 first generation A6, or one of the second generation A6s introduced in 2000, our suppliers will have the engine that you need. Perhaps you have a 2000 A6, and you need to replace the big 300 hp V-8 or the 226 hp V-6. Or, maybe you have a more recent A6 with the turbo inline four rated at 211 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque.

Here is a nice video on the 2014 A6



Let us know the model and year of your Audi. Likewise, let us know whether you have a front-wheel drive or a Quattro. Add the other requested information and submit your form. Once we have your information, our system rapidly responds. In fact, you’ll often start to see offers of engines appear in your email in just minutes.

The next step is to zero in on some engines that you really are interested in. Contact the relevant sellers and ask every question necessary for you to feel fully comfortable with a particular choice.

Then, explore the online reviews of that particular seller. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau if desired.

Payment should generally be made by credit card, pre-paid Visa, or PayPal. We suggest these forms of payment because of the buyer protections offered. By contrast, we do not recommend wiring funds or sending checks or money orders.

Our network of suppliers are all willing to ship engines straight to dealerships or auto repair shops scheduled to do the work. Finally, to replace an engine in a performance luxury vehicle like an Audi A6, you want to have a high level of confidence in the work being done. As a result, we suggest that you stick with ASE-Certified techs.

Our new, innovative way of finding you the engine that you need is easy, simple, and efficient. Sellers will compete for your business,  and you’ll be back on the road in no time at all.