Audi RS6 Engine

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Purchasing an engine is one of the most expensive investments that can be made in any one vehicle. For this reason, it is critical that you know the right kinds of questions to ask about the engine and that you find an engine whose high performance is based on quality manufactured parts. Audi has an established reputation for manufacturing at this level. The Audi RS6 engine in particular stands out as a top of the line replacement engine. The parts for this model are widely available at reasonable prices. Additionally, installing these engines only requires a moderate level of automotive mechanical knowledge. Buyers should be sure that the engine they are getting comes through sources that are using only original, factory parts. Any departure from this can lead to installation and performance issues.


The Audi RS6 engine stands out among its competitors and predecessors by offering two turbochargers that work with its 4.2-Liter, V-8. It also offers an outstanding amount of power for an engine of its size. The 415 pound per foot of torque results in 450 horsepower. Being able to capture this kind of power in a four-wheel drive capacity is outstanding. The only real disadvantage is the fact that the engine is not equipped to work with a manual transmission. The power available does not lead to a gas guzzling engine as well. The RS6 rarely suffers from major mechanical problems. Those that do occur are often things as simple as replacing cylinder o-rings.

Customers buying new and used engines should also ensure that they are buying the engine in its complete form. Quality suppliers provide all the necessary information regarding engine specifications and the history of the parts. Buying an Audi RS6 engine from a great dealer entails an exchange of information in which both the customer and the dealer are sure that both the engine and the vehicle for installation are compatible and well suited for one another.