Audi S90 Engine

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If you are restoring or upgrading your vintage S90, and you need a replacement engine, we at ASAP Motors can help you to find one. The S90 was produced from 1966 to 1972. It appeared shortly after the “Audi” name was revived to replace the “DKW” moniker. The name Audi had been dormant since WWII. Of course, over the decades since, the name has become synonymous with excellence in German automotive engineering.


The inline four used in the S90 may be less common four decades later, but our large network of dealers and suppliers is sure to be able to offer some options to you. Our approach at ASAP is unique, because our suppliers literally submit bids to you as they compete for your business.

To get started, simply fill in our online form. Within hours, or sometime within just minutes, offers will start to show up in your email inbox. You’ll be able to compare offers at your convenience, as you focus in on those with the most promise. Then, contact the sellers of the engines that interest you. Ask them any questions that you may have. Feel free to inquire about engine history, condition, and warranty.

When you have a particular replacement S90 engine in mind, check out the seller’s online reviews and explore the Better Business Bureau information that may be available.

When you are ready to make a purchase, we recommend the use of PayPal, credit card, or pre-paid Visa, because these methods offer buyers good protection. We suggest that you avoid the use of a check, money order, or Western Union.

Any of the dealer/suppliers in our network will gladly ship your engine straight to the repair shop or dealership that will be performing the installation. It is insured while en route, so you have peace-of-mind there too. Finally, we recommend that an ASE-Certified mechanic be used for this important installation.

Once your vintage S90 is restored and road-worthy again, you’ll own a valuable bit of Audi automotive history. Our free service at ASAP Motors is quick, reliable, and secure. We look forward to assisting you.