Audi TT Engine

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Used parts and shady sources may be acceptable when you are repairing old engines in a used car. However, replacing an engine in a vehicle with a high-performance piece of machinery with the intention of breathing new life into the car requires that you not settle. The Audi TT is an engine that is ideal for raising the bar of performance on your current vehicle. The Audi TT has its roots in the iconic Roadster, being capable of reaching speeds in excess of 110 mph. Maintaining those standards once you install your engine requires that you use only factory parts that are sourced from refutable outlets. Buying the engine as a whole requires that you deal with a company who can deliver these sorts of guarantees. ASAP Motors can do this and more.



They can assist anyone interested in an Audi TT engine by offering mechanical advice when it comes to the skill required for installation or in providing leads to additional factory Audi parts that are compatible with the engine. Setting yourself up with a 5-speed manual transmission capable of achieving over 200 horsepower requires that you work with an engine dealer that you can trust. The integrity of the powertrain should be guaranteed, allowing the transversely mounted engine to perform at the top of its game.

The Audi TT engine itself was designed to be unique for engines of its class. The in-line, 4-cylinder engine works with a 20-valve turbocharged capacity. Building on some of the technology used in the Volkswagen group platform, the TT engine added a complementary after-cooler to assist the inner-cooling components already in place. The turbo boost was also increased from 10 to 15 pounds over older designs of the same nature. Owners cite the powertrain performance as being one of the main selling points for this engine. The fuel economy versus the raw power of the engine also provides buyers with a great reason to make the investment.