Buick Park Avenue Engine

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The Buick Park Avenue was built to be the flagship car in the Buick line. When Buick built this car, they used the largest most powerful engine available. The early model Park Avenue used the Buick built 350 V8 engine.

In the later model Park Avenue also had an Oldsmobile 307 V8 engine. GM dropped the Buick 350 engine due to reliability issues. The Oldsmobile 307 engine proved to be a good engine and was offered in several other GM vehicles. Both V8 engines looked the same except the Buick built engine has the ignition distributor mounted in the front of the engine in the water pump housing and the Oldsmobile V8 had the distributor mounted at the back of the engine like the Chevrolet V8 design. The final years of the Park Avenue had a Supercharged engine which was only offered a short time.