Buick Skylark Engine

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The last engines used in the final years of the Buick Skylark were quite varied. Buick had transformed the car into a budget minded vehicle meant to fit an average car buyers budget.

The 2.3 engines were a push rod design with the buyers budget in mind. Offering the 2.4 liter DOHC was a great option for the performance buyer. This engine had a very high redline and could really delivery. GM’s 3.1 engine was a widely used engine in most mid-size FWD vehicles. The 3.3 liter was only produced a short time and was then eliminated altogether.

Some of the engines available for the Skylark:

2.3 L L40 I4
2.3 L LD2 I4
2.4 L LD9 I4
3.1 L L82 V6
3.3 L LG7 V6