Cadillac Allante Engine

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Hello, welcome to the Cadillac Allante engine information page. The Allante was produced in limited numbers and is related to the Buick Reatta. Allante had 3 different engines to choose from when ordering the car from the manufacture. Cadillac did this to help people on a smaller budget as well as those who wanted a performance type car.

The 3 engines to choose from were all V8 in design, Cadillac was trying to keep the sports feel to this automobile. The 4.1 liter engine was all aluminum and was used in the earlier years in most Devilles and Sevilles. The 4.5 liter engine replaced the 4.1 liter because of lack of power and a very poor design. The most powerful engine was the 4.6 Northstar. The DOHC design makes for lots of power and durability. However, the early model Northstar engines were plagued with head gasket issues.

Here are 3 the Allante engines used in the car:

4.1 L HT-4100 V8
4.5 L HT-4500 V8
4.6 L Northstar V8