Chevy 3600 Engine

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This series went into production from 1941 to 1959. The 1955 series is the one car in this whole series that saw the most changes made to it. It was an almost total overhaul of the engines that are made for this series. Apart from all the changes that were made to the body so as to ensure that it looked different from its predecessors, it received some major changes to the engine too. This generation first saw the use of 6 cylinder engines which included the thrift master that gave 112 hp, the loadmaster at 110 hp and the job master at 135 hp. In late 1955, the second generation of these cars was released into the market. They did not receive any body modifications but the engine received some attentions. This generation came with an improved 6 cylinder block and the engines were as follows: the thrift master at 123 hp, the loadmaster at 119 hp and the job master engine that was optional and gave 140 hp at 4000 rpm.



The 3600 Chevy series was ¾ tones and used 125 inch wheelbases. It also used the same engine, but a slightly smaller version, as the 3600 series that was the 1 tone option. Both the 3600 and 3800 used rear wheel driving.  If you have been looking for used Chevy 2800 engines, you can find them on selective websites online, and one of those sites is ASAP Motors where you can also find information on the compatibility of these engines with other cars in this series.

The last modifications for the 3600 came in 1956 when the engine was enlarged to come up with a 6 liter engine. These engines came in two variations. The first was the standard one that gave 124 hp and the optional one that gave 148 hp at 4000rpm. The most known and vastly distributed engine in this series was the v8 variation that cranked out 115 hp at a maximum of 4200rpm. Use the resouce at ASAP Motors to find the used engine you are looking today!