Chevy Astro Engine

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The Chevrolet Astro emerged as a rival to Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager and the Japanese Toyota Van in 1985. The Astro spanned two generations of manufacturing from 1985-2005.The automobile has a rare engine, combining a 2.5 Liter four cylinder engine with a 5-speed transmission. On four-wheel drives, antilock brakes became the norm.

Apart from this, the Astro model nameplate was previously used as an Astro Concept car. Known as the minivan, the Astro resembled the Ford Aerostar. The chassis on sale for this car was unified in structure, and backed by a mini frame, protecting the motor and the front suspension.

The engines for the Astro ranged from 145 to 190 hp V6 engine, varying from model to model. Later, all-wheel-drives or AWDs came into existence. However, these AWD models were not fuel efficient. In 1989, the Astro saw a brand new dashboard, along with a stretch body and a pre-existing wheelbase. Similarly, hydroboost brake system was introduced in 1990. A new feature called Dutch Doors gave the Astro two half barn doors and flip up window on top, in 1992. The sole transmission option in 1993 was an electronic 4-speed automatic transmission.

In 1995, the second generation Astro was introduced. It had received a brand new appearance with a longer, trimmer look. An air bag on the passenger side was the innovation for 1996. From this point on, the Astro was more or less the same until it was pulled off the assembly line on May 13, 2005.

However, in 2003, GM and Chevy pushed its standard up a notch on Astro’s chassis, with up to date suspension components, larger brakes, and four 16 inch wheels. At the time, Astro offered just one engine for sale – a 190 hp 4.3 Liter V6. By 1997, the Astro had a monopoly on the truck-based minivan market, edging Ford out of manufacturing the Aerostar, the Asro’s main rival in the minivan business. ASAP Motors has used Astor engines for sale.

The Astro minivan was able to sustain a design that prodded the model forward for more than two decades.