Chevy Beretta Engine

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This Chevy model is a front wheel drive coupe that went into production in the year 1988 and was put out of production in 1996. It had an L-body, similar to that of the Pontiac Tempest. It was built in the same factory as the Chevy Corsica and the Pontiac Tempest. The Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais was based on the same platform. The first model, the GT form, had a 122-135 hp engine that was 2.8 l. This made the used engine more popular with recyclers. This was seen like more of a sports car due to the sporty interior and the steering wheel included. The second models, the GTU, were manufactures between 1988 and 1190. These versions of the berretta were equipped with the FE7 suspensions that allowed them a lot more area on the skid pad. The GTU model was replaced by the GTZ class that was a high performance car in the berretta category. This version, produced between 1990 and 1993, came with an engine variation known as the Oldsmobile which was a 2.3 L engine that had High Output Quad 4 I4 capabilities. This engine gave 180 hp (134 kW) at 160 ft·lb (217 N·m) of torque.



Starting 1991, the 3.1 L 6-valve option, similar to the one on the Chevy Corsica, could be used on the GTZ. The only limitation was that this engine had the 3-speed transmissions and this was automated. This 3.1L engine became the official engine for all Chevy Berettas that were made between 1990 and 1992. After 1994, this 3.1 engine variation could only be ordered and it was on the automatic transmission only.

1994 saw the entry of the Beretta Z26 and saw the exit of the GT and GTZ models. This new car design saw the 3.1 L v6 engine metamorphosis into a 3100 v6 engine that had 160 hp. This engine was only available as the 4-speed automatic transmission variant. The quad 4 HO engine was last produced in this year and it was made with 10 hp less than its previous versions. The 2.3 L Quad engine came in a 5-speed automatic transmission gear box. This year also saw the 3100 v6 engine shed 5hp to stand at 155 hp. This engine was rolled into 1996, the last official year for the manufacture of the Chevy Beretta.