Chevy Camaro Engine

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The Chevy Camaro is widely regarded to as the cousin of the Pontiac Firebird. This is because you can build a firebird from most of the engines that belong to the ‘70’s Camaros. The Camaro first rolled out of the factories in 1967 and was a rear driven Chevy muscle car. It came as a coupe or a convertible with the 4.1 liter, 4.9 liter, 5.0 lite, 5.4 liter and 6.5 liter power plants. This classic Chevy also saw its design modified so as to accommodate any of the various power plants in the engine pocket. This generation of the Camaro lasted until 1969 where it gave way to the second generation of the same.  The newly released Camaro gave the Ford Mustang solid competition in sales and on the street.

The main difference between the second and first generations was that the second gen Camaro was restyled to give a wider and larger f-body platform.  It was in 1971 that the z28 model was made, and the year 1977 saw it being reintroduced to match the success of the Pontiac Trans Am. The z28s, a later model, saw the inclusion of an air intake duct that opened at full throttle.



Entering into the limelight in 1982 was the third generation Camaro. This generation saw the introduction of Turbo-Hydromantic 700 R4 4-speed automatic transmissions, fuel injection, 5 speed transmissions that were manual, a four-cylinder engine, 16” wheels and hatchback bodies.  In early 1987, the L98 5.7L 350″ V8 engine was added as an option to the racing variant of the Camaro. Chevrolet Camaro Engine for saleThis engine came with automatic transmission only. 1992, the 25th anniversary of the Camaro, saw the introduction of the 5.0 L high output high performance engine.
The fourth generation was made to include v8 and v6 variations. The 1993-1995 engines were a 3.4 L powerhouse while the 3.8 L v6 engine was an optional addition in 1995; but year 1996 saw it becoming a standard.  The LT1 V8 engine came with the z28 cars and has an all-speed traction control and four-speed automatic transmission. A record was smashed when the 5.7-liter LS-1 was introduced. This was the first engine to be made purely of aluminum and the first of its kind offered in a Chevrolet Camaro since the ’69 ZL-1. It also had a heart-pounding 305-horsepower under the hood.
The last generation, 2010 to present, had the SS, LT and LS variations. The LT and LS models have a 3.6 L v6 engine that produces 312 hp. The SS has a 6.2L v8, 426 hp engine. The automatic SS model comes with an l99v8 engine that produces 400 hp. The Camaro SS owes its v8 engine to the Chevy Corvette, but in the SS, the power is scaled down to give two engines: a 400-hp V-8 6.2-liter engine that has  six-speed automatic transmission and a 426-hp version of the engine.