Chevy Caprice Engine

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This is a full-sized car produced by General Motors in from 1965 to 1996. It is worth noting that this model had the largest Chevy cars ever in its 1971-1976 models. At first the Caprice came with a standard 283 cubic inch engine which gave 196 hp and this was a v8, six-cylinder engine. The first generation of the Caprice family came out in 1966. The engine was the cousin to the Chevrolet Impala and the Pontiac Bonneville. Most of the extras like automatic transmission, white sidewall tires and power transmission were optional and could be ordered at an extra cost. Although some of the Caprices came with a 427 cu in turbo jet eight valve engines that had 7.0 liter capacity, 4-speed automatic transmission which gave 425 hp, most of the caprices came with a 396 cu in, 6.5 liter engine that was turbo powered and that gave 325 hp. This later option had a lot of comfort features for example air conditioners and power windows.

Perhaps the major thing that happened in 1967 is the removal of the 427 cu in engine and the upgrade of the 396 cu in one to give 385 hp. Another motor, a 275hp, tu8rbo fire v8, 327 hp engine was introduced. This engine also had the three speed hydromantic turbo transmission that was previously available on the 275 hp, 327 cu in, v8 turbo fire engines. All the changes that were made in the first generation after this only increased the engine size and the hp produced.

The second generation of this car had four major motors made for it. These used Chevy Caprice engines are now available on various websites on the internet. These were the 350 cubic in, 5.7 liter, small block v8, the 400 cu inches, 6.6 liter small block v8, the 400 cubic inches, 6.6 liter, big block v8 and the 454, cu in 7.4 liter big block v8. The third generation had eight variations made to the engine with the fourth, fifth and sixth receiving four, two and four variations of the engines respectively.