Chevy Cavalier Engine

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Finding a used Chevy Cavalier engine for sale can be simple. There are plenty companies that carry used motors. Make sure when shopping for a replacement Chevrolet motor, you ask a lot of questions. We’ll help you find Chevy motors from salvage yards or recyclers at great prices. Sometimes different companies may advertise different engines for sale at discounted prices.



The Cavalier was a model of the Chevrolet that went into production between 1982 and 2003. In the 20 years or so that it was in production, the Cavalier saw some improvements and changes made to the engine and to the look of the car. These car would compete with imports like the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic.

The first generation of this model went into production in 1981 and was a front wheel car with a two carburetor pushrod engine that had 4 cylinders. In 1983, the engine was modified to include full throttle fuel injection and a v6 engine that became widely available in 1983. It is not that hard to get used Chevrolet Cavalier engines for sale for the newer models of these cars because there are some people who have their cars from that long ago. All you have to do is to ensure that the engine sourced fits and that it is compatible with the rest of the car parts like the transmission and the steering system.

In 1988, the second generation of this model went on production and this saw three trim levels made. These were the VL, RS and z24 models. The VL and the RS came with a 2.0 liter l4 engine that produced 90 hp while the z24 model had the 2.8 liter v6 engine that was optional on the RS models. In all of these models, the 5- speed automatic transmission was used. In 1989, the v6 engine that was available was modified to give 130hp. The standard engine was later expanded into the 2.2 litter l4 option, which saw a surge of the engine power to 95 hp. The optional engine was also molded to give 140 hp with a capacity of 3.1 liters.

Despite all of these minor changes, the Cavalier was still redesigned in 1995 to give the third generation of these cars. All the engines made after this were made to have four cylinders and the v6 engine was made mandatory. The z24 model was built with a 2.4 liter ld9 engine in 1996. This engine gave 150 hp of power. In 2003, this model, the z24 was dropped, and gave way to the LS sport car series.