Chevy Celebrity Engine

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This model used the front wheel A-body platform that were also standard on the Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Buick Century, Pontiac 6000 and the Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser. The Celebrity and the Pontiac 6000 were seen to be siblings because they had the same engines.

The first models had mandatory automatic transmission that was later made optional. The engine that was used, the 2.5 liter l engine, was seen to be underpowered and the high output v6 version of the same that had fuel injection was made optional in 1985.

The generation 2 engines that were produced in 1987 had a standard fuel injection engine and a new v6 manual transmission was made available. The Celebrity Coupe was replaced by the berretta midsized Coupe whose 4 cylinder engine was modified to add an additional 12 hp in 1989.

The Celebrity Sedan was done away with in 1990 and was replaced by the Chevy Lumina. The station wagon version remained however and had an optional 3.1 liter 6 valve engine. There were two different bolt patterns made for all the Celebrity models. These bolt patterns were for the wheel hubs that were either 100mm or 115mm. The trans-axels used on these two different patterns were different as were the brakes.

In addition to the euro sport package, there was a euro sport vr version that was a limited edition of this model. All in all, the Celebrity saw four different types of engines made for the length of its production. There is need to note that it has been seen that used Celebrity engines can be used on other cars and on Celebrities of different years.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind as a mechanic is to ensure that the engine is compatible with the rest of the car that you are putting it into. One of the most common ways to make use of the used Celebrity engines is to export its parts to other cars that are related like the Pontiac 6000.