Chevy Chevelle Engine

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This was a mid-sized car that was produced in three generations from 1964 to 1977. They had the A body platform same as the Chevy Celebrity and this model was very successful. This model saw sports models made in 1973 and Lagunas were produced from 1973 to 1976.

The first generation of this model was made with engines that were related to the Chevy el Camino, Buick special and Pontiac tempest. The Chevelle SS model saw the entry of Chevrolet into the muscle market. This model was made to house a munchies four speed manual transmission engine that was made out of aluminum or the two speed power glade engine that had automatic transmission in place of the standard three speed manual engine.

The Malibu SS was given a 283 cc four barrel engine with eight valves which gave 220 hp and this had the same power rating as the Chevy Powerpac 283 hp engine. The Chevelle was made to have 389 cubic inch v8 engine that was the same as that of the Pontiac tempest and that gave 325 hp. This saw the beginning of the production of cars that were above 330 cubic inch, and starting in 1964, the Chevelle could come with the 327 cubic inch v8 engine and either 250 or 300 hp. These engines allowed the Chevelle to stand shoulder to shoulder with giants of the time like the Ford Fairlane and the Plymouth Barracuda. In 1965, muscle fans would get a lot more as the Chevelle was made to give 350 hp v8 engines.

Starting in 1963, the Chevelle got a new body and this ushered in the second generation of the cars. This generation would see a lot of changes to the body and very few to the engine. The first change came in the super sports cars that had a 325 hp 396 cubic inch turbo jet v8 engines with the owners having a choice between the 350 and 375 hp versions. The third generation did not see a lot of improvements too under the hood; but in 1973 two engines were made standard on the deluxe and the Malibu. These were the 250 inline six and 307 2-barrel eight valve engines that gave 145 hp.