Chevy Citation Engine

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This car was the first front-wheel drive car in the Chevrolet family. It was conceptualized in 1976 but mass production did not begin until 1978. It belonged to the x-body platform. It had specific engines made for it and the first was the 2.8 liter v6 le2 engine and this was also the first engine in the 60 degrees engine family. This engine was made with huge references to the Corvette and Camaro, both from the Chevy stable.

Another model, the Citation x-11, was built with enhanced performance capabilities. It had both front and back wheel driving capabilities. It came with a 4-speed overdrive engine and an optional 3 speed automatic transmission engine. The latter was the same as that which was used in the sport cars of that era. The car has either the 2.5 liter engine, same as the iron duke 4 cyl motor used in the Pontiac, or the optional Chevy 2-bbl, 2.8 liter le2 engine that has 6 valves which gave 115 hp. These used Citation engines are available for sale in various websites around the internet. The good thing is that they are interchangeable with other car models that are compatible and from the same era. When you need a used Chevy Citation engine for sale, ASAP Motors will help.

These x-11 engines were upgraded in 1982 running all through to 1985. In these years, they ended up receiving a 2.8 liter lh7 v6 engine which was a very high output version. The model also received f41 sport grade suspensions, rear spoilers, back stabilizing bars among other body modifications. This generation of the x-11 motors also received 4 speed manual overdrive transmission and the optional 3 speed which had special gear boxes. In 1982, the engine was made to have 2.8 liter capacity with 6 valves and was of the HO LH7 variation. It was more powerful than the 1981 model because it gave 135 hp and accelerated to 65 miles per hour in 8.5 seconds. The 1982 to 1985 versions gave 135 hp but lesser torque while the 1985 versions gave 130 hp.