Chevy Cobalt Engine

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The Chevy Cobalt was manufactured in 2004 and went into the market in 2005. This car came with a 2.4 liter engine that was of the inline-4 family and that was naturally aspirated. It was based on the Delta platform of the General Motors which was shared with the Opel Zafira, Opel Vauxhall and the Chevy HHR. The Cobalt received a few changes along its lifetime. The first change came in 2006 when a Cobalt SS, that was non-supercharged, was included in the family. The LS was made to be the base model while the LT was left as the mid-range model. The LTZ was also made and this became the top level car. In 2007, the motors were revamped so as to give more power while still keeping the same fuel economy levels. The Ecotec version was 2.2 liter was improved to give 148 hp while the 2.1 liter motor gave 173 hp. In the same year, a 32-bit computer was included to replace the 16-bit one that had been there previously.

2008 came with name changes for the SS Coupe and the SS Sedan. These models were renamed the Sport Coupe and the Sport Sedan respectively. This new Cobalt SS cars featured a supercharged engine that gave 220 hp and increased the fuel economy. This used Chevy Cobalt supercharged motor can be found on websites that sell vehicle parts and those that deal with locating used engines like ASAP Motors. It is yet to be seen if the Coupe and the Sedan motors are interchangeable but the parts have been seen to work on both models. As always, caution is advised when doing these interchanges.

A new supercharged SS Coupe was launched in May 2008 and this was seen to give the 07-08 models a facelift. In 2009, the 2.4 liter Sport Coupe and Sedan models that were both naturally aspirated were removed from the lineup. They were replaced by the 2.2 liter LAP engine that was seen to give better fuel economy plus more power.