Chevy Corvair Engine

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The Chevy Corvair was produced by GM from 1960 to 1969. At the time of launch, two models of the Corvair was unveiled; the Corvair 500 and the 700. The cars were powered by 2,296 cc Fiat 6 engine, producing 80 HP. The Corvair was available in a 3 speed manual transmission variant or an optional 5 speed automatic power glide variant. The Corvair uses the same V6 engine as that in the Chevrolet Biscayne. The Chevy Corvair had a vast range of vehicles built on one platform. The range included a four door saloon, a two door coupe, a minivan, a pick-up truck, and different commercial and passenger vehicles. The Plymouth Valiant is powered by the same Fiat 6 engine as that in the Corvair.

The second generation of the Chevy Corvair was launched in 1965, and this car was equipped with a 2,683 cc displacing advanced turbo charged Fiat 6 140 CDI 2.3 liter engine. Used Corvair engines are available to car enthusiast and owners via the Internet. The Corvair shares advanced drive train features with the Volkswagen Beetle, like the 3 speed manual transmission system and the advanced independent suspension. The Corvair was also available with a 4 speed manual and a 2 speed Power Glide automatic transmission system. Used Fiat V6 engines are for sale from a few select suppliers.

Chevy had plans to launch the third generation of the Corvair back in the late 1970s. However, this plan never took off. The proposed Corvair would also have been powered by the Fiat 6 145 CDI 2.4 liter engine and borrowed parts from the Pontiac Grand AM and the Ford Falcon. An advanced Turbo Hydraulic 350 transmission, found on the Chevrolet Camaro, was set to be standard in this vehicle. Most of the third generation vehicles from Chevy had the Turbo Hydraulic 350 transmission and the Fiat 6 145 CDI engine as standard, e.g. the Chevy Monza, the Greenbrier, etc.

The fourth generation of the Chevy Corvair was powered by the Fiat 6 164 CDI 2.7 liter engine which produced 95 HP (base model), 110 HP (sports model), and 150 HP (turbo charged model).