Chevy EV1 Engine

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The Chevy EV1 is an electric vehicle and is powered by a 3 phase AC induction motor with an IGBT power inverter which produces 137 HP at 7000 rpm. The car has an internal combustion system like all electric cars, and the EV1 can produce full torque capacity of its 110 foot pound of torque at 0 – 7000 rpm. This feature helped the car get rid of its gear box – manual or automatic – and the sports car has an integrated, single speed reducing transmission. Used 3 phase AC induction engine are for sale in websites selling used auto parts as well as workshops specializing in repairing newer vehicles.


The second generation EV1 did not feature an engine transplant and used the previous model with a few minor changes. These modifications made the EV1 quieter, quicker, and more energy efficient. The 2nd generation EV1 featured a 60 amp per hour and a Panasonic lead acid battery producing 312 V. This was a slight improvement over the 1st generation model, which produced 300 volts. Used 3 phase AC induction motor, IGBT power inverter engine are for sale in many workshops as well as over the internet.

The last EV1 was powered by an Ovonics NiMH – nickel metal hydride – battery powered engine, rated at 26.4 kWh. The cars powered by lead acid batteries can travel at a maximum speed of 100 miles an hour, whereas the NiMH battery powered cars can travel in around 140 miles per hour. Authentic web sites are an important and convenient way to acquire used engines; ASAP Motors locates a vast range of used electric engines for aftermarket use. The last EV1 car was in the same league as the Chevrolet Volt and the Chevrolet S – 10 EV, and all these cars can be compared in terms of the technology used and the NiMH powered engine. The use of NiMH battery reduced the weight of the car by 2980 pounds and this helped the car gain top speed. The newer 77 amp–hour battery gave the car a top speed of 160 mph and this was produced at 343 Volts.