Chevy HHR Engine

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The Chevy HHR – Heritage High Roof – is powered by a 2.2 liter Eco tech L61 l4 engine. The car is enabled with advanced drive train features like a 5 speed manual transmission and a 4 speed automatic transmission. The HHR is built on the Delta platform by GM and shares its L61 l4 engine with the Opel Zaphira – a compact SUV. The LS and the LT variant of the car had the 2.2 liter at the helm, and the engine produced 143 BHP and 150 foot pounds of torque. The 2LT is powered by a 2.4 liter Eco Tech LE5 l4 and produces 172 BHP and 162 foot pounds of torque. Used Eco Tech LE5 l4 engines are for sale over the internet as well as several garages dealing in used car parts.


The 2007 LT and 2LT models of the Chevy HHR are powered by a 2.4 liter Eco Tech Le5 l4 producing 175 BHP and 165 foot pounds of torque. This model is in direct competition to the Opel Antara as both the vehicles use a similar engine, give similar performance, and are equally fuel-efficient. Moreover, the drive train features like the 4 speed automatic transmission and 5 speed manual transmission features are the same in both the vehicles.

The Chrysler PT cruiser was developed on the same platform as that of the HHR and the only difference dwelled on the exterior of the car. While the HHR was an SUV, the Chrysler PT was a cruiser. The Chevy SS Turbo Charged was launched in late 2008, and this was an upgraded version of the HHR. This car had an Eco Tech ENF turbo charged l4, which produced 260 HP and 260 foot pounds of torque at 7,600 rpm. This was the exact same motor found in the Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice.

The 2011 LT and 2LT models of the HHR was powered by a 2.2 liter Eco Tech L61 l4 and A 2.4 liter Eco Tech LE5 l4, producing 172 HP and 167 foot pounds of torque. For easy access to used engines, mechanics can also visit ASAP Motors.