Chevy Lumina Van Engine

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For the model year 1990, Chevy Lumina Van was produced by General Motors in 1989. First, it was called the Mini Van APV, APV standing for all-purpose vehicle. However, APV was dropped later and the van was called just Lumina Mini Van. Lumina featured front wheel drive and a 3.1 liter V6 engine with 3 speed automatic transmission. Its competitors were Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager.

At the time Chevy Lumina Van was introduced, the minivan market was dominated by the Dodge Caravan and Chevy’s attempt was not very successful. However, production went on till 1996 but in 1996 it was replaced by Chevy Venture.


The first engine with which Lumina van was fitted with was not powerful enough for such a large vehicle. Therefore, in 1992 another optional engine was introduced. It was a 3.8 liter lV6 engine which was called the 3800 series. It was the most powerful engine used in a minivan at that time. Used 3800 series engines are still available with Until Ford came out with its Windstar in 1996 with a 3.8 liter engine there was no competitor on power for Lumina van. Windstar engine was able to generate 200 hp.

Though some re-styling was done to Lumina van in 1994 cutting its length by three inches, it was not able to make a big impact in the market for mini vans. The production of the model has been stopped in 1996 and the factory that turned out these vehicles was ear marked for demolition though it was producing vehicles from the early 1900s. Chevrolet Venture which had more conventional styling took over from there.

The two engines used on the Lumina van which were of the capacities of 3.1 liters and 3.8 liters were dropped. Instead, a 3.4 liter LA1V6 was introduced into Venture. It generated 180hp of power and the torque was If you are looking for a place where they have used series 3800 engines for sale it is not difficult to find one. Your old pre 1994 Lumina van could be given a new lease of life when you find one and install it in your van. Just contact a local supplier of used Lumina Van engines for sale and they can guide you.