Chevy Luv Engine

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Marketed in the U.S. from 1972, Chevrolet LUV was a pickup truck manufactured in Japan. It was sold as a rebadged version. The first generation of production went on from 1972 to 1980. The engine used for this truck was a 1.8 liter SOHC inline 4 cylinder one. It was able to produce just 75hp. Chevy LUV had many competitors such as Toyota and Datsun pickup trucks as well as Ford Courier which was built by Mazda.


The second generation of Chevy LUV started in 1980 and went on till 1988. In this generation of LUV trucks, the gasoline engines never changed but an additional diesel engine was added. It was Isuzu 223 diesel engine which produced 58hp and a torque of 93lb.ft that was used. This engine was able to provide a lot of fuel economy to LUV. In case you need a used Isuzu 223 diesel engine, you could contact ASAP Motors. The 1.9 Isuzu built engine was the most popular and if you need a good used Chevy Luv engine, our site will find them for sale from suppliers nationwide.

After 1982 General Motors stopped selling Chevy LUV and started selling their own compact pickup of S-10. However, Chevy LUV continued to sell elsewhere. The third generation of LUV could be seen in many other countries though it was not there in the US market. In 1992 the vehicle was added with a new updated 4JB1 2.8 liter direct injection turbo diesel engine. If you have one of these trucks it is a good idea to find a place where 4JB1 2.8 liter engines for sale are available in order to replace your engine in case it needs replacement.

Isuzu TF pickup truck on which Chevy LUV was based went out of production in Japan in 1994 but in many other countries the production continued with the third generation. Chile was one of the countries that continued with the production of LUV and exported the manufactured vehicles to many other South American countries. Finally, in 2005 even the Chilean operation had to wind up as Isuzu D-Max was there to replace the old LUV. Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia, Paraguay and Venezuela were among the countries to which Chile exported LUV. Around 220,000 vehicles have been produced in that plant.