Chevy Malibu Engine

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The midsize car by Chevrolet division of General Motors that was started as another trim level of Chevy Chevelle was called the Chevy Malibu. The first generation started in 1964 and went on till 1967. It was fitted with a six cylinder V6 engine and was able to deliver 300hp. In 1965 the car got more improvements to the cabin and the body. Also, it got a 350hp engine. In 1967 Malibu was fitted with an engine that had a capacity of 5.7 liters and the power dropped to 300hp from 350.

The second generation of Malibus and other Chevelles got more styling with semi fastback roofs and different wheel bases for two door and four door versions. Engines were also updated with 5.0liter V8 engines with 200hp being fitted in place of the former 4.6 liter versions. In 1969 Malibu got the 5.7 liter engine that was able to produce a maximum of 300 hp. It also got the three speed hydra-matic transmission of General motors.

Third generation Malibu car was available from 1973 to 1977. In 1973 only the base level car of Chevelle deluxe, mid range Malibu and the high end Laguna were remaining. In 1974 the deluxe went out of production and only Malibu and Laguna remained.

Fourth generation cars of Malibu appeared in 1978 and went on till 1983. In 1979 Malibu was fitted with LT-1 Z-28 Camaro engine. In case you need a used Camaro engine, you could contact However, after 1980 Malibu was not produced. Even the number of cars produced during the year is said to be around 1901 cars. Malibu M80 cars produced during this year are very rare. Therefore if you have one that is immobilized due to engine trouble it is a good idea to look for a place where a used Camaro engine for sale could be found.

Some of the final production runs for Malibu was made in Canada to supply 25,000 cars to Iraq. However, not even half went to Iraq as the government got involved in a war with Iran. They have cancelled the order and the cars were sold in Canada’s domestic market.