Chevy Nova Engine

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The Chevrolet Nova was manufactured over 5 generations from 1962 -1979, and 1985 – 1988 model years and GM used engines from all types in this vehicle. Nova was the new nameplate for the 1969 – 1979 models. The Nova nameplate came back to Chevy in 1985 and rolled out in 1988.

The Chevy II’s engines in first generation (1962 – 1963) comprised of 153 cu in (2.5 liter) four-cylinder and a 194 cu motor in (3.2 liter) inline-six. The Nova option became available in 1962 and 1963 for the Chevy II as a convertible.  From 1962 – 1965, a two-door hardtop was also introduced.

In the second generation, Chevy II was based on the Super Nova concept automobile. Following this, the Chevy II 100 and Chevy II Nova 400 were featured. The 1966 Chevy II Nova SS Sport Coupe was the front runner for Chevrolet after Nova 400. This model housed a 194 cu in (3.18 Liter) inline-six engine.

In 1967, Chevy II replaced the Nova SS badging. The 90 hp (67 kW) 153 cu in (2.51 Liter) inline-4 engine became the standard for the Chevy II 100 series. The 1967 Chevy II and the Nova were market leaders. The 1967 Chevrolet Nova SS was standardized with a 194 cu in (3.18 Liter) in-line six motor. The 1969 Chevy Nova utilized as a 153 cu in (2.51 Liter) four-cylinder engine.

The 1970 Nova 3rd generation was almost identical to the 69 Nova variant. The 1970 Nova engines for sale include 153 cubic inch Inline 4, 194 cubic inch V6 and 230 cubic inch V6.

A brand new 4th generation redesigned Nova emerged in 1975. The 1978 Novas continued production with little modifications. However, the Novas were losing out in competition to the new Ford Fairmont and Chevy Malibu. The 1979 saw a final abridged version.

The Nova was substituted by the Citation in 1980. The nameplate Nova reappeared in 1985 as a rebadged Toyota Corolla. The new Nova was equipped with the old standard 4A motor with 105 hp 250 cu.