Chevy Omega Engine

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The original Chevrolet Omega was manufactured during 1992 – 1998.  Chevrolet Omega A made its entrance in the Brazilian auto market on 1992. The car sported two options for engines — the first was a 2.0 L four-cylinder while the second option was a 3.0 Liter six-cylinder. In 1995, the engines were improved to a 2.2 Liter four (GLS) and a 4.1 Liter six (CD) with electronic fuel injection.


Until 1994, Chevrolet Omega (sedan) and Chevy Suprema (station wagon) both used 2.0 L I4 or 3.0 L I6 Opel motors. In 1999, the Chevrolet Omega began importing a modified version of the Holden Calais. The initial Omega B was outfitted with the 3.8 Liter Buick V6 engine. If you need a used Omega engine, our site is a great start.

The second generation Omegas surfaced as four-door sedan. Left-hand drive models became known as the Chevrolet Lumina, designed for export. The Lumina was the first to use a new generation of 175 and 190 kilowatt (235 and 255 hp) 3.6 litre (L) Alloytec V6 engine. These Alloytec engines were passed on to the Omega, unveiled in August 2006 and was known as Omega C.

The fourth generation Chevrolet Omega D was released in 2007, available with the 3.6 L Alloytec motor. In 2010, the Omega was revamped. Following a brief hiatus in 2008, the Omega was revived in September 2010.

During the initial three years of Chevy Omega’s development, the top choice for its engine was the German-built 3.0L six-cylinder, except for the 1995 model year. In 1995, GM decided to bring back the 250 and combined it with a multiport fuel injection system with Lotus tuning it. The engine, became known as the 4.1-liter, and was the favored engine option substituting for the 3.0L, until the 1998 model year. However, in 1998, the latter was scrapped altogether.

The Omega was targeted at rivaling the BMW5 and Mercedes E Class. In the U.K., the Omega A was introduced as Vauxhall Carlton and the Omega B generation as Vauxhall Omega.

Chevy Omega engines for sale is available online at sites such as ASAP Motors. The Chevy Opala was the forerunner of the Opel Omega A.