Chevy Passenger Engine

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The first generation of Chevy Passenger was manufactured from 1996-2002. It uses one vortec V6 and several V8 engines. The V6 and the standard engine is 4.3L 4300/L35.  It has iron block and heads. It has 4 in bore diameter and 3.48 in stroke. It produces 200-215 horse power and 250 – 265 lb-ft. It is similar to the engine used in Toyota Forklift which is 7000 lb and up of Capacity. Used 4.3 Liter engines for sale are available in online and offline stores for mechanics and car dealers as well.  The V8 engines are 5.0L 5000/L30, 5.7L 5700 L31, 6.5L, 7.4L and 8.1L 8100/L18. In addition, there is a 6.5L turbo-diesel V8 engine applicable for this model.

The second generation of Passenger was manufactured from 2002 till present time. It uses several vortec motors like the first generation; however, the standard engine is 5.3L V8 engine. Optionally, it uses other V8 engines. 4.8L 4800/LR4/LY2, 6.0L 6000/LQ4 V8, 6.0L 6000/LY6 V8 engines are used as options for Chevy Passengers manufactured from 2003-2009 while 4.8L 4800/L20 Flex-fuel V8 and 6.0L 6000/L96 Flex-fuel are used for those manufactured from 2010 onwards. In addition, it uses 6.6L Duramax LLY turbo-diesel V8 engines for 2006–2009 manufactures while 6.6L Duramax LMM turbo-diesel V8 engine is in use for those manufactured from 2010 till present.


The standard 5.3L V8 engine was manufactured in 1999, and produces 270–305 horse power and 315 lb-ft of torque. It has an iron block and aluminum heads. General Motors also used this motor for the 2002–2005 Cadillac Escalade manufactured from 2002-2005 and GMC Sierra manufactured from 1999-2007. The 5.3 L is the family of General Motor’s vortec family engine. The engine is similar to Ford’s engine, which is applicable for its fourth generation E-series.

The Chevy Passenger is among the most sold vans in the US even though it is behind its rival the Ford E-series.