Chevy Prizm Engine

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Chevy Prizm is a compact car manufactured from 1989 -2002. It has three generations of models. It is a rebadged version of Toyota Corolla and the successor of Chevrolet Nova. The Prizm is manufactured by New United Motor Manufacturing, the joint venture of the Toyota and the General Motors based in California.

The first generation of Chevy Prizm was manufactured from 1989–1992. The standard engine for this model is 1.6L 4A-FE, while the optional engine is 1.6 L 4A-GE. The second generation Prizm was manufactured from 1993–1997. The standard engine used for this model is 1.6L 4A-FE, which is the same as that of the first generation but the optional motor is 1.8L 7A-FE. The third generation of Prizm was manufactured from 1998-2002. It uses 1.8 L 1ZZ-FE I4 engine as standard engine.

The standard 1.6L 4A-FE engine of the first two generations was manufactured from 1987–1998. It is the family of the Toyota A engine. It has aluminum heads and cast iron blocks. It produces 113 horse power and 101 lb-ft of torque. It uses DOHC Inline-4 design. The engine is known for its fuel economy.  It has 16 Valves allocating 4 valves for each cylinder. The engine is also used in AT210 Corona manufactured from 1996–2001. Used 4A-FE engines for sale are available in many motor selling stores at different locations.

The 1.8 L 1ZZ-FE I4 engine, which is the standard engine for the last generation was the family of Toyota ZZ engine. It produces 120-140 Horse Power and 122-125 1b-ft of torque at. It uses fuel injection system. Toyota uses this engine in plenty of its vehicles. Some of which are Toyota Caldina, Opa and RAV4. It is also similar to the engine used in second generation Saturn S-series.

Chevy Prizm was the first compact car which offers optional side air bags. However, its sales had decreased through time due to low popularity and its inability to win the competition. As a result it was succeed by Pontiac Vibe beginning from the year 2003.