Chevy Spectrum Engine

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Chevy Spectrum was first introduced in the market during 1985.  The first generation Spectrum was equipped with 1.3 liter 4XB1 I4 engine and 2, 400 mm wheelbase. The first generation Chevy Spectrum was available with 3 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmission units. The models were based on R- body platform as market by Chevrolet Gemini.


In 1986, the second generation Chevy Spectrum was launched in the market. Chevy 1986 Spectrum models had a 1.5 liter 4XC1 I4 engine, which was also available in Geo Spectrum and Holden Gemini. 1986 3-door hatch back was available with the same 3 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmission units for a cheaper price.

In 1987, Chevy Spectrum models were redone again with FF layout and front wheel drive configuration. The third generation Chevy Spectrum got additional increment in output as the models came with 1.5 liter 4XC1- T turbo motor that was used only a short time. 1987 Chevrolet Spectrum produced an output of 70 horse power.  Chevy tried to compete with the Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla.

Chevrolet introduced fourth generation Spectrum with a 1.6 liter DOHC motor in the year 1988. The enhanced Chevy Spectrum featured 4- door sedan models with 5 speed manual and 3 speed automatic transmission units. Export versions of fourth generation Spectrum were also accessible with a minor 1.3 liter I-4 in order to suit taxation systems. The engines had an oil pressure light switch featuring 1/8 inch x28 British standard pipe thread size – NPT, 3-9 psi – psi operating pressure, 1 Bullet terminal. Some Spectrum engines are for sale in recycling centers today.

1985- 1988 Chevy Spectrum also featured spectra radiator, copper core/brass tank, new 18.69 x 14.13 x 1.25 inch core size and 1.56 x 14.56 inch inlet and outlet header. The fifth and last generation of Chevy Spectrum was produced in the 1989. The models used 1.5 L 4EC1 diesel/TD I4 engines. All the models of Spectrum were equipped with 3 speed automatic and 5 Speed manual transmission units. This sub compact indeed had 94.5 inch wheelbase for better rider and faster acceleration. Fifth generation Spectrum had transmission unit protected with a remanufactured torque converter.