Chevy Sprint Engine

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Chevy Sprint was first introduced in the American market during 1985.  The first generation Sprint was a 2- door and 4- door hatchback powered with 1.0 liter three cylinder engine. The model parts were only sold across Western U.S. until 1986. The purpose behind Chevy Sprint was to manufacture a mini truck carrying 10.3 cubic feet od storage space.


The second generation Chevy Sprint was produced in the year 1986. It was the ultimate successor of Chevette. 1986 2-door coupe and 4- door sedan were created on 88.4 inch wheelbase along with 1 liter 3 cylinder motor. In addition, 5 speed manual transmission units were available in second generation Chevy Sprint. During 1986, other models of Chevrolet Sprint also appeared in market namely Turbo, ER and Base. In the beginning of 1986, a five-door hatchback version named Sprint Plus was also offered for sheer driving experience.

In 1987 Chevy Sprint models were recreated again and Chevy Metro name was assigned to them. The third generation Sprint became ‘Chevrolet Sprint metro’ and got computer controlled carb systems. The engines used the same 1.0 liter 3 cylinder hemispherical head design. 1987 sprint featured 5 speed manual transmissions along with an output of six valve 60 horse power.  Used Sprint engines for sale are found at ASAP Motors.

The fourth generation Chevy Sprint appeared in market during 1988. It was the same mini car with 3 cylinder 1000cc motor and 5 speed manual transmission units. 1988 Sprint models produced an output of around 65 horse power. Apart from other fourth generation models, Sprint Turbo was the most preferred one. Turbo Sprint was equipped with additional Turbocharged versions of 1.0 liter 3 cylinder engine which were available across Canada and United States.

In 1988, with the addition of fuel injection, Turbo Sprint produced an output of 73 horsepower. This Mini Cooper had the capacity to run for 16.170 quarter miles at 87.00 MPH. Later, the production of Sprint crashed with the innovation of second generation Cultus ‘the Geo Metro’. Now, it is very easy to find the accurate Chevy Sprint used engines.