Chevy Storm Engine

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The first generation Chevy Storm was produced in the year 1990.  The Storm was designed as a budget car equipped with 1.6 liter SOHC 4XE1 4 cylinder engine. The model parts were accessible across Japan, Fujisawa and Kanagawa. First generation Chevy Storm was sold in station wagon and 2 door hatchback replacing Geo Spectrum.



The second generation Chevy Storm was produced in the year 1991- 1992. It was a 2-door station wagon powered with more enhanced 1.6 DOHC motor. The second generation Storm produced an output of 130 horse power. In addition, manual transmission units were available in second generation Sprint models for better acceleration. In 1992, Storm was redone with a view to have smoother front outlook and enhanced transmission. Later, the models came with 3 speed automatic transmission units. The 1992 models also received a new rear bumper treatment for better appearance.

Third generation Chevy Storm was produced in 1992–1993. The base models retained the same features, engine and price as compared to other earlier cars. Though, the GSi version of third generation Storm cost considerably more and included a more powerful 1.8 liter DOHC 4XF1 engine. The cars produced an output of 140 horse power which was quite high as compared to related Geo Spectrum. Third generation Storm was equipped with 4 speed automatic transmission units. Soon Chevy Storm version of Piazza PA Nero also appeared in the Japanese market.

In 1994, Chevy Storm was redone with both 3- speed and 4- speed Automatic Transmission FWD unit. The transmission came with a re-designed torque converter. Chevrolet tested the transmission and the matched torque converter on a dynamometer before shipment.

Storm GSi package included a rear anti-sway bar, driving lights, a transmission with a gear ratio and a spoiler that was quite superior for smooth acceleration. The engines were said to be buzz bomb.

All Storm models conjoined rear drum and front disc brakes plus an anti-sway bar to strengthen the front suspension. At present, used engines of all generation Chevy Storm are available for sale on motor sites like ASAP Motors.