Chevy Tracker Engine

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The Chevy Tracker was a mini SUV produced by the CAMI Automotives. It was considered as a light truck since it was capable being used as an off road vehicle. The first generation of this model was first introduced towards the end of 1988. The Chevy Tracker ran on the 1.6 liter SOHC engine with four cylinders. It was a more improved than the ones used in previous versions of Chevy. This engine was also being used in the Suzuki makes like the Sidekick which had an almost similar shape to the Chevy tracker. This engine had a horse power of about 80. The Suzuki and Chevy were the main competitors in the market though they had a close relationship on the production company. All Trackers were four wheel drive but a two wheel drive was introduced in 1992. For one in need of these used engines you can find them at ASAP Motors.



The transmission on this model was of 3 speed having an automatic Turbo-Hydramatic 180. In 1996, the four door Tracker was introduced. This new model ran on the 1.6 liter engine having 16 valves. The motor produced a 96 horse power and was also much used in the Suzuki being produced at the same time with this model. The transmission present was the 5 speed manual. Such used engines can be found on different automobile stores online. Through these times only few changes were taking place and this ensured that no much was used in production. 1998 was the last year for the production of the first generation.

The second generation came into existence in 1999 and lasted up to about 2004. The production was a bit limited compared to the production of the predecessor. There were several motors applied in this second generation model which included the 2.0 liter I4 engine having 130hp and the 2.5 liter V6 engine having 155hp.  Used engines of this model are present in various online platforms offering used inspected engines. The model has received competition from other cars like the Ford Escape. It also ran on a V6 engine and had a four wheel drive like the Chevy tracker. The ford had a 5 speed manual but 127hp which was lower than that of the Chevy Tracker.