Chevy Vega Engine

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The Chevy Vega went into the conceptualization stage in 1968 but it was not until 1970 that the first cares were produced. The first engines that were used, inline-four engines made out of aluminum, were collaboration between four different companies. The Vega engines were 2.3 liter, inline-four motors that were made purely out of aluminum as stated above. The block had an open-deck design and cylinder bores that were siamesed. These engines used an overhead valve train which had three components that drove each valve instead of a pushrod that pushed seven valves as we know of today. The first version that had a single carburetor gave 90 hp while the two barrel one gave 110 hp. Some changes that were made in 1973 to reduce the emissions produced increased the hps produced by five.



After some serious problems were identified, the whole engine was overhauled and new designs were put into place. These used Chevy Vega engines are still available in various shops. It is also possible to find them on the internet if you do a simple search. The new engine was much quieter and used a water pump that had been redesigned to improve delivery.

It is worth noting that there were a lot of motors that were built for this car that never went into production. One of this was the OHC L-10 that was built in 1968. It never went into production due to the differential head expansion and head gasket problems that it had. The other engine that never saw the light of day was the RC2-206 that was put aside due to some emission problems that it had. General motors also cited issues with fuel efficiency and thus the engine was given a wide berth. The last of the engines that never went into production was the v8 engine. This engine was a v8, 4.6 liter prototype that gave much more power that the other engines but no one knows why it was never actualized.