Chevy Ventura Engine

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The Chevy Ventura was also known as the Pontiac Ventura. It went into production in the year 1960 and this was halted in 1977. The first generation of this car was built out of ideas adopted from the Chevy bel air, Pontiac Catalina and Buick lesabre. In 1971, a model of this car known as the venture II was produced. The 1971 model had a 250 cubic inch, six cylinder engines or a 307 cubic inch engine. The only option used in the sprint of 1971 was the 307 option. Another engine, a 350 cubic inch option was added in 72 and this was a v8 option with a two-barrel carburetor. Standard transmission was three speed manual with options being four speed manual and two speed manual that had six cylinders, or the turbo hydromantic, 3 speed automatic that was meant for the v8 motor.



In 74, a Pontiac GTO engine was made that was a 5.7 liter engine that gave 200 hp and that had a four-barrel carburetor. This model had rally II wheels, a shaker hood scoop and grill mounted driving lamps. The GTO was dropped in 75 and in came the Pontiac 360. The Ventura was made out of the same engine as the Buick 350 v8 and thus the engines are interchangeable. Only minimal changes were made in 75 and 76. In 76 the old mobile engine that was a 260 cubic in v8 was reintroduced. This was the main motor in 77 while the Chevy 305 cubic in v8 engine was made the optional engine. The other changes that were made in 76 and 77 were new grills and taillights that were revised.

The Ventura was one of the most interchangeable Chevy model. The engine that it used was also made available for so many other cars like the Buick 350 v8. That means that those who are looking to build cars from used Chevy Ventura engines are in luck as the engines are readily available.